All About OptiSaw

Who should attend:

  • Mill managers/owners
  • Process engineers
  • Continual improvement managers
  • Optimization staff
  • Researchers
  • Design consultants

What you will learn:

  • Examples of AI and robotics from other industries, and how they can be applied to our industry.
  • Trends, cutting-edge recovery and value-added solutions from Europe, where manpower and fibre costs have been driving optimization for decades.
  • Insights into scanning and optimization technology trials now underway.
  • Techniques for leveraging big data and IoT to optimize production.
  • Case studies of new technology and processes being implemented in mills today, hearing from those who made it happen.
  • Continuous improvement strategies for getting the most out of existing equipment.
  • PLUS: Opportunities to network with colleagues and a select group of sponsor technology providers.

What is OptiSaw?

OptiSaw is a one-day education forum focused on the future of sawmilling. In just one day of online sessions from industry-leading technology manufacturers and researchers, you will come away with solutions to boost your mill profits now.

OptiSaw will be taking place in two locations – Quebec City, (sessions offered in both French and English) and Kelowna, B.C. Don’t miss out on this time-effective and affordable learning and networking opportunity for those driving the future of sawmilling operations. It’s your annual brief on what’s coming down the pipeline – from robotics to AI to big data and IoT – that can increase sawmill profitability today.