John Wilby

Western Sales Manager, ScanMeg Inc.

John has been in the forest industry since graduating as a forester from the University of British Columbia in 1970. He began with Kockums of Sweden with the sales of mechanized logging equipment throughout Western North America. He was then transferred into the sawmill machinery manufacturing group of Kockums Letson & Burpee in Vancouver. After five years with Kockums he became the Manager of Valon Kone’s operation in Canada where he spent 10 years marketing VK log debarkers, Bruks chippers, and Saab-Totem edger and trimmer optimising systems.

In succeeding years he worked with and was part owner of LM Equipment and Porter Engineering. He then sold equipment for Multimeg Electronics and Denis Comact Machinery, later to all come under the name of Comact Inc. He sold a number of log bucking, primary breakdown, and lumber handling systems in Western Canada. He now contracts to ScanMeg to market their products in Western North America, New Zealand and Australia.
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