Francois Leger

PMP Solutions

François is president of PMP Solutions, an innovation driven software provider for the sawmill and other manufacturing industries. Passionate about process optimization and manufacturing intelligence, Francois and his team have developed real-time decision support tools at all stages of the sawmilling process including sawing, drying, planing, inventory management, and planning. PMPSolutions now delivers real-time monitoring tools for mill performance across North America. Its purpose is to recognize and optimize the value from the large, growing and complex amount of data coming from the mills. Before starting up PMP Solutions in 2006, Francois led several projects known to the industry such as Smart Mill Assistant with McMaster University, Comact and Tembec, or Drytek, the automatic lumber sorting system which is now commercialized by Autolog. Francois is also partnering with Forac at Laval University as an adjunct professor.
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